Free Shipping orders are sent via U.S. Postal Service (USPS) Non-Profit Marketing Mail (aka bulk mail), a highly discounted mail service.

The following USPS Terms apply to your Free Shipping honey order:

  1. If your recipient has moved, USPS will NOT forward the honey package to the new address. They will discard it.
  2. If your recipient’s mail is being temporarily held at the post office or if there is a forward order, USPS will NOT hold the honey package at post office for later delivery or forward it. They will discard it.
  3. If USPS is unable to deliver for any reason, USPS will NOT return the honey package to the sender. They will discard it.
  4. Delivery times are not guaranteed by USPS, so honey may be shipped as much as 3 weeks prior to Rosh Hashanah to allow adequate time for shipping.
  5. Each honey jar will be individually boxed and mailed unless you order 8+ jars to the same address.
  6. Tracking is not available.
  7. The honey order system instantly checks with the USPS to verify that each mailing address you enter exists. Addresses that the USPS determines to be invalid must be corrected to qualify for free shipping.

To bypass these restrictions during the Free Shipping offer, you are given the option to pay an additional $8.00 per jar to upgrade to First-Class postage on any invalid address or on your entire order. Our On Time Delivery Guarantee does not apply for shipments to invalid or incorrect addresses.

It is your responsibility to provide each recipient’s valid, full mailing address for where they will reside during the honey delivery window which begins 3 weeks prior to Rosh Hashanah.