Become a Honey From The Heart Distributor

honeydistYou Sell, We Ship, We All Benefit

Honey From The Heart invites Jewish non-profit organizations to fundraise by selling Rosh Hashanah honey. As a distributor all you have to do is promote the sale to your membership. ORT Atlanta handles all aspects of order fulfillment.

It’s a sweet deal – both ORT and your organization raise money while celebrating Rosh Hashanah with Kosher honey.

Becoming a Honey From The Heart distributor is easy. Complete our online information request and we will email you details on participating and how much money you can raise. Your fundraising chairperson will be able to log-in and manage your orders, see how much money you have earned, and receive personal support from your customer service representative.

ORT Honey From The Heart … the sweet way to raise money.