• Introduction:

    Welcome to Honey From The Heart’s List Upload System where you can create a new honey order from your existing list. There is no additional fee to use this system.

    Please review the Requirements and Process Overview below before beginning your upload. If you have questions or need assistance contact support@orthoney.com.

    Upload your list by July 25 to allow time for processing:

    Lists may take up to a few days to process depending on the size and quality of the list. Your uploaded list order must be finalized and paid before the free shipping ends on August 1. All orders finalized after August 1 will have $6.50 per jar shipping charges added.


    - A minimum of 50 recipient names and addresses in your list
    - No international addresses
    - Identical greeting and signature for all recipients on your list
    - One jar of honey will be shipped to each recipient on your list
    - Your list must be in spreadsheet format with a separate column for each of the following:
    1. Recipient’s full name
    2. Company Name or Care of (if applicable)
    3. Street address
    4. City
    5. State (the two letter abbreviation)
    6. Zip code
    - All commas (,) must be removed from your list
    - To avoid shipping charges, your uploaded list must be finalized and paid before free shipping ends on August 1.

    Process Overview:

    Upload your list to Honey From The Heart.
    Your list will be reviewed and run through an address verification process.
    (Addresses will be standardized to USPS format; a small number of addresses may be rejected.)
    You may be contacted about rejected addresses.
    You will be invited to review your cleaned order and accept the standardized and corrected addresses.
    When you are satisfied with the details of your list, your live order will be created and an order number will be assigned.
    You will not be able to change your order after this step.
    Continue to the checkout process and pay for your order.
    Please choose your greeting and signature below before uploading
    Thank You

    If you would like see a template for formating guidance click for: Template
  • Accepted file types: csv, xls, pdf, doc.